2016 Hiroshi Miyazawa Invitational Tournament

WPSS Vs Kawasaki Frontale (J League).

Result: 0-1

Buhha 03
The boys performed the Haka in front of hundreds today at The Great Buddha Kamakura – the worlds largest Buddha!
Marinos Stadium
WPSS boys trained at the Nissan Stadium (home of 2002 FIFA World Cup Final) ahead of the game against the Yokohama Marino’s (J League).

WPSS Vs Yokohama Marino’s (J League).

Result: 8-1

Marinos haka
Marinos haka

The 2016 Reysol Cup – Group Stage

WPSS B Vs Shiroi FC

Result: 3-1

(C J Lupena Baker, Flynn Poskitt, Cameron Clark)

WPSS A Vs Abiko FC

Result: 5-1

(Bukhosi Ngwenya 2, Josh Grant 2, Keagan Maclou)

WPSS B Vs Matsudo FC

Result: 0-4 (Half time: 0-0)

WPSS A Vs Yachiyo (Half time 1-0)

Result: 2-4 (Half time 1-0)

(Bukhosi Ngwenya, Josh Preen)

Team running 03


The 2016 Reysol Cup – knock out stages


Phoenix B Vs Shiroishi FC

Result: 6-0

(CJ Lupena Baker x3, Flynn Poskitt x3)

Phoenix A Vs Narita

Result: 2-0

(Keagan Maclou, Oliver Fay)

WPSS B Vs Kashiwa FC

Result: 1-0

(CJ Lupena Baker)

WPSS A 3 – 0 Nagareyama FC

Result: 3-0

(Oliver Fay, Josh Ravelich, Keagan Maclou)

2016 Reysol Cup – Quarter Final


WPSS B Vs Mitsubishi Yowa

Result: 0-2

WPSS A Vs Matsudo

Result: 1-1 (WPSS win 4 – 3 on pens)

(Bukhosi Ngwenya)

2016 Reysol Cup – Semi Final

WPSS A Vs Kashiwa Reysol

Result: 3-0

(Josh Ravelich, Bukhosi Ngwenya, Josh Preen)

A remarkable achievement by all players and coaches. A special performance to remember, beating professional outfit Kashiwa Reysol in the Semi Final.

WPSS B Vs Yachiyo

Result: 2-3

(Troy Murdoch, Cameron Clark)

The last game for the WPSS B team ended in a 3 – 2 loss. A fantastic effort by the boys saw Cameron Clark equalise with 1 minute to go but that was not the end of the drama as the Japanese opposition scored a stoppage time winner. The WPSS B team finish the Reysol cup in 8th place out of 20 teams.

2016 Reysol Cup – Final

WPSS A Vs Mitsubishi Yowa

Result: 0-2

The WPSS A team finished runner up in the Reysol cup after a brave effort in the final, going down to Mitsubishi Yowa.


Airport 03