Kashiwa Reysol U12 Vs WPSS

Full Time: 5-1 (Ishveer Singh)

Kashiwa Reysol U13 Vs WPSS

Full Time: 6-1 (Ollie Middleton)

Reysol Cup – Group Stages

WPSS Milne

Vs Kashiwa FC

Vs Narashino FC
1-1 (Keith Sait)

Vs Narita FC
4-0 (Tom Barnett 2, Hamish Halls 2)

WPSS Dawkins

Vs Abiko FC
2-1 (Cole Rogers, Fergus Gillion)

Vs Matsudo FC
3-1 (Cole Rogers, Fergus Gillion, William Eng)

Vs Chosei FC
(Caleb Moosbally 3, Fergus Gillion 2, Cole Rogers 2, Diver 2, Will Eng,
Trav Dally – Braun)

Reysol Cup – Play Off Stage

WPSS Milne

Quarter Final Vs Kashiwa Reysol
Pens 2-1 (Ishveer Singh, Alex Hale)

Semi Final Vs Urayasu FC
1-4 (Alex Hale)

3rd/4th Vs Yachiyo

WPSS Dawkins

Quarter Final Vs Funabashi FC
2-2 (Cole Rogers, Diver)
Pens 3-2 (Will Eng, Fergus Million, Caleb Moosbally)

Semi Final Vs Yachiyo FC
3-0 (Karthik Kumar, Cole Rogers 2)

Final vs Uruyasu
1-1 (Cole Rogers)
Pens 3 – 2 (Will Eng, Fergus Gillion, Caleb Moosbally)

Team Dawkins MVP awarded by Reysol Technical Director – Fergus Gillion

Team Milne MVP awarded by Reysol Technical Director – Alex Hale

WPSS Vs Kawasaki Frontale (4x20min)

0 – 0 1st quarter.
0 – 1 half time.
0 – 3 3rd quarter

0 – 7 Final Score

WPSS vs Yokohama Marions (3x25min)

1-2 First Third (William Eng)
2-4 Second Third (Ishveer Singh)
2-4 Final Score.

WPSS Vs TOH Academy (3x20min)

1st Third – 1-0 (Fergus Gillion)
2nd Third – 5-1 (Will Eng, Cole Rogers, Karanveer Bhatal, Caleb Moosbally)
Final Score – 7-2 (Ishveer Singh x2)


An incredible tour with some very promising results from our U13 boys. The players had a fantastic learning experience both on and off the field with our International Life Skills Programme and playing against world class opposition. Some of the players best memories were the Japanese Homestay Experience, Sightseeing in Tokyo and the Japanese Onsen baths.


We look forward to traveling to Japan again in 2019 with our 2006 age group.